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October 9, 2012

Double allegiance, secondary attachment or ambush marketing?

On this page, Madrid’s sport newspaper Marça reveals that Iker Casillas, goalkeeper for the Spanish national team for over a decade showed up today at his team’s training camp wearing a tee-shirt prominently featuring a French Flag, the name France & an extremely large Adidas logo. This is certainly an odd thing to do when you are going to face France in a few days, in a competitive game for the qualification to the World Cup in Brasil in 2014.

One is only left to conjecture what this could be about: it is unlikely that Iker Casillas will come out of the closest as an ardent supporter of France instead of Spain, & no matter what he later says ot justify this act, it is also rather unlikely that the second team he roots for, after Spain, is France. Why would this come out now when Casillas has already played France or French clubs a number of time in the past & he has never said anything like that, afaik.

Once Casillas has joined the training camp, he will most certainly have to wear Spanish team clothing all the time he is in public, since this is usually in the contract that national teams sign with their equipment suppliers. The arrival to the training camp is more or less the only time Casillas is allowed to wear something different. Knowing that Adidas lost (to Nike) the contract to supply sporting equipment to France’s national team in 2010, it is tempting to see this as a way for Adidas to remind a very large audience (the media films, records and photographs the arrival of players to the national team training camp; & this odd move by Casillas will gather a huge lot of media attention) of their historic association with the French team, at the time when they were successful!

Most likely, but this cannot be proven, Casillas, who seems to be personally sponsored by Adidas, is doing a diluted form of ambush marketing (capitalising on media attention around an event without having a formal contract with the event) for Adidas.

Let us see how this develops, if it does.

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