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March 30, 2012

Anything to report?

Welcome to the blog of the FREE project! Football deserves to be the object of serious scholarly research. All of the partners of this project firmly share this belief, and the very existence of FREE gives evidence to football’s academic legitimacy. On the other hand, football has more to show about our societies than meets the academic eye. Sometimes it is the little anecdotes, the small pieces of news, the surprising statistic or the seemingly harmless comment or joke that raise interesting questions and are worth holding on to for a second.Welcome to the FREE - Football Research in an Enlarged Europe (blog)

This is why we have decided to include this blog on our website. Its objective is to catch the non-academic, but nonetheless relevant issues, observations, questions, that we (and, for that matter, anyone interested) stumbles upon. Went to an interesting event lately? Had a good (or bad) reading experience? Came back angry (or delighted) from the stadium for any reason? Were moved by a video clip on the net? Puzzled by something on television? Shocked by a quote? All these are excellent reasons for posting a contribution and triggering a little web debate.

This blog wishes to be inclusive. It is open to anyone who has something to report on football’s multiple ways of pervading our daily lives or wishes to comment on one of the posts from the consortium. Its language is English, but if you wish to contribute in a language that one of us is capable of understanding, we’ll be happy to translate your post. Obviously there are some ‘house rules’ to respect and the editors reserve themselves the right to select posts on grounds of politeness and relevance. And, of course, a blog is not the place to publish entire essays: keep it short, if possible below 4 000 characters.

The FREE blog is not only a complement to the research work carried out in this project, it is also an experiment: will FREE be capable of performing beyond its academic home ground and have some successful away games in other communities? We’ll see. Experiments can go wrong, but they can also be funny and exciting. Needless to say we keep our fingers crossed for the latter.

Anything to report?

The FREE team

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  1. Gertrud

    2012-04-26 19:35:19

    Hi Albrecht I did not know that you are interested in the Danish politics This was a surprise Maybe we can invite at least one female Danish politician to the Copenhagen conference greetings from Denmark

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