Football Research in Europe - why and what for?

Welcome to the website of FREE, an innovative and collaborative European research project on football! Our academic team is composed of players from very different disciplinary backgrounds and national origins. Some of them have been football fans for as long as they can think, others are far from being supporters or even followers of the sport. What we all have in common is the belief that this amazing game has something important to say about Europe and its citizens, about their perceptions of themselves and of others, about a deeply rooted sense of belonging and identity, and about the way these feelings and perceptions evolve and change over time.  

The grant from the European Commission’s 7th European Framework Programme for Research (FP7) gives increased legitimacy to football as a relevant research territory in the social sciences and humanities. Its support provides us with the ability to explore the multiple dimensions of ‘The People’s Game’ in a way that may produce a different perspective on how ordinary people experience diversity and commonality in their everyday life.
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The FREE team

FREE is an FP7 project funded under Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities.
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