FREE Project Management 

FREE (Football Research in an Enlarged Europe) is coordinated by the Centre for European Integration at ESSCA School of Management, a high-ranking French business school founded in 1909 and based in Angers and Paris, with additional teaching sites in Budapest and Shanghai. The consortium further includes eight other institutions in eight different European countries (see in detail under ‘Partners’).

The consortium’s main decision-making body is the General Assembly, which will meet at each of the eight events scheduled at regular interval throughout the three years of the project (see in detail under ‘Events’). All management procedures are defined by an internal Consortium Agreement signed by all partners.

The project management team is grateful for the kind assistance provided by the European Research Service of the University of Angers (LUNAM University).

All parts distributed 

Project coordinator: Dr Albrecht Sonntag
Professor & Associate Dean at ESSCA School of Management and Scientific Director of its Centre of European Integration.

Project manager: Dr Dàvid Ranc
Assistant Professor, Department of International Affairs and Centre for European Integration.

Project officer: Aline Brisset
Centre for European Integration.

The project management team can be contacted on: david.ranc@essca.fr