Structure of the FREE project 

The FREE (Football Research in an Enlarged Europe) project is structured around 6 thematic research strands:

  • Phases of Europeanisation: the history and impact of European competitions;
  • Collective memory: football as transnational media event; 
  • Gender, football, and trans/national identities;
  • Everyday lives and football identities; 
  • The football community as an existing European public sphere;  
  • Transformed governance structures and stakeholder empowerment.
The research is designed so that each strand will benefit from and contribute to the others. Results from the two historical strands will feed into the four other strands. The two socio-political strands will in turn work on hypotheses that are common to the whole project. Central to FREE is also a large quantitative survey done in several waves in Italy and all the participating countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom).

Each strand has its own leader and will organise a dedicated conference during the three years duration of the project.

A clear structure is helpful for finding your way 
Two additional events will be organised: a conference will kick off the project in Angers in April 2012; a final event will be held in Brussels in early 2015 to close the project and present its finding to actors from civil society and policy makers.