Identities 2013 (Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria) 

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The Universität Wien hosted the FREE research conference ‘Kick it ! The Anthropology of European Football’ for the Identities research theme on Friday 25 & Saturday 26 October 2013. The conference organisers are Dr Alexandra Schwell,  & Nina Szogs,

Football is one of the most well-loved and most widely shared expressions of popular culture. But why does football have a social role that stretches way beyond the stadium? The international conference ‘Kick it ! The Anthropology of European Football’ seeks to understand football’s impact on everyday lives and identity dynamics in Europe. Thereby, the football phenomenon is not only perceived as being related to class relations and subculture, but at the same time as a symbolic domain that produces social identities at various levels.

 Keynote lectures included Dr Cornel Sandvoss (University of Surrey, UK) and Dr Hani Zubida (The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College, Israel).

Working Papers

Please note that all papers are work-in-progress & may not be quoted without the explicit written permission of the author(s).

 The Paradoxes of Politicisation football supporters in Croatia (Andrew Hodges & Paul Stubbs) [Working paper

 The Double Anchor Mechanism – addressing the wicked issues of ethnography of football Fans (Dominik Antonowicz & Radosław Kossakowski & Tomasz Szlendak) [Working paper]

 The politics of visiting supporters’ exclusion from 2013 football matches between Croatia and Serbia (Goran Pavel Šantek & Tibor Komar) [Working paper]

 Groundhopping a phenomenon in European fan culture (Hendrik Kren) [Working paper]

 Football and War in Former Yugoslavia. Serbia and Croatia Two Decades after the Break-up (Ivan Đorđević & Bojan Žikić) [Working paper]

 Roundtable Plenary Reflections (Jochen Bonz) [Working paper]

 Building a Turkish fan community social media, Schengen and Easyjet (John McManus) [Working paper]

 Hegemony in question? Euro 2012 and local politics in the city of Poznan (Małgorzata Kowalska) [Working paper]

The Globalisation of Ultras Culture: An International Comparison of Japanese and Italian Fan Groups (Mark Doidge & Martin Lieser) [Working paper]

 Long ball or ball to feet? Transcultural perspectives on football (Max Mauro) [Working paper]

 Roundtable Plenary Reflections (Niko Besnier) [Working paper]

 Translocal Strategies of Football Fans Abroad : Galatasaray and Fenerbahce supporters in Vienna (Nina Szogs) [Working paper]

 “Nostalgic Revolution” Negotiating Symbolic Boundaries in the First Fan-Owned Football Club in Israel (Ori Katz) [Working paper]

 Football Fandom And Formation Of Cultural Differences in Bosnia: A Comparatıve Ethnographic Study On Fk Željezničar And Fk Sarajevo Fans In Sarajevo (Özgür Dırım Özkan) [Working paper]

 “Globalization, Sports, and the Precarity of Masculinity” Professionalizing football commercializing fandom aspects of football culture in 1980s Athens (Panagiotis Zestanakis) [Working paper]

 Football fan communities and identity construction: Past and present of “Ultras Rapid” as sociocultural phenomenon(Philipp Budka & Domenico Jacono) [Working paper]

 Going for the Reds: Max Gluckman and the Anthropology of Football (Robert Gordon & Marizanne Grundligh) [Working paper]

 Blind Football in Europe after Euro Blind 2013 (Rolf Husmann) [Presentation]

Traveling European Gay Footballers (Stefan Heissenberger) [Working paper]

 Being a football kid. Football as a Mediatised Play Practice (Stine Liv Johansen) [Working paper]

 Female Fans’ Visibility in the Fandom Field The Case of Hapoel Kataman (Tamar Rapaport & Daniel Regev)[Working paper]

 Football + fan + shirt = the choreography of an attitude (Viola Hofmann)[Working paper]

 ‘The Other’ kicks back - Subjectivation and subversion among women’s football activists (Friederike Faust & Johanna Kösters) [Working paper]

Programme of the conference

Please find below the conference programme in PDF format.

Programme of the conference ‘Kick it ! The Anthropology of European Football’ in English

Abstract book of the conference ‘Kick it ! The Anthropology of European Football’
in English

Call for papers

The conference language is English.

Please find below the Call for Papers in PDF format.

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