Feminisation 2013 (Københavns Universitet, Copenhagen, Denmark) 

A sport building at the University of Copenhagen

On Friday 21 & Saturday 22 June 2013, Københavns Universitet (UCPH, University of Copenhagen) organised the FREE research conference on the feminisation of football in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference title was: ‘Women's Football: Played, Watched, Talked About’. The conference organiser was Professor Gertrud Pfister.

The aim of the conference was to share information & knowledge about women’s football, the games & the players, the male & female fans as well as the media coverage. At the same time, the event provides the opportunity for networking & promoting international cooperation among researchers on women’s football.

Laila Otteszen, Annette Hofmann & Stacey Pope delivered keynotes & papers were presented in parallel sessions. The conference covered the following topics:

- Women’s Football – Players, Teams & Organisations

- Women as Football Consumers & Fans

- Women’s Football in the Focus of the Mass Media

Papers covered a variety of locations (including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Japan, Australia); a wealth of differing contexts: the Spanish Basque country or Kosovo, for example. The focus ws as much on women as football players & women as football supporters. A wide range of approaches was used, including public policy mapping as well as Foucauldian analysis.

Working Papers

Please note that all papers are work-in-progress & may not be quoted without the explicit written permission of the author(s).

  Female Football in Kosova (Sanije Krasniqi) [Working paper]

 Blue Moon – The Flip Side of Women’s Football in France: The Career of Michèle Wolf 1968-2013 (Jean-Christophe Meyer & Sarah Sands) [Working paper]

 Canberra United FC – A Success Story in the Australian W-League (Heather Reid) [Working paper]

 Female Fans’ Experiences of the Significance of the Supporters’ Trust Movement in England (Carrie Dunn) [Working paper]

 Beyond the game: Women’s Football as a Proxy for Gender Equality (Ruth & Ben Morris) [Working paper]

 Evaluation of a Sport Psychological Group Intervention in Girls’ Football (Jeannine Ohlert) [Working paper]

 Women Amateur Football in Rio de Janeiro (Julia Haß) [Working paper]

 The Development and Organization of Women’s Football in Denmark (Kasper Lund Kirkegaard & Michael Fester) [Working paper]

 Feminization of Fairness through Football in Turkey (Yağmur Nuhrat) [Working paper]

 What was Offside Again? A Foucauldian Analysis of Female Fans in Turkish Football (Başak Alpan) [Working paper]

 Fans, Players, Leaders and Lovers: Female Personae in Spanish Football (Mariann Vaczi) [Working paper]

 Women’s Football in the Media (Svenja Mintert) [Working paper]

 Gender Inequality & Demand for Women’s Sport: Re-Unified Germany as a Natural Experiment (Henk Erik Meier Mara Konjer Marcel Leinwather) [Working paper]

 The Challenges of Sustaining a Professional Soccer League for Women (Anna Maria Hellborg) [Working paper]

Programme of the conference

Please find below the conference programme in PDF format.

 Programme of the conference on Women’s Football: Played, Watched, Talked About in English

Call for papers

The conference language will be English.

Please find below the Call for Papers in PDF format.

 Call for Papers (CfP), FREE Conference on Women’s Football: Played, Watched, Talked About