Governance 2014 (Loughborough University, UK) 


Loughborough University (UK) organises the FREE research conference on Governance on 24-25 October 2014. The conference organisers are Dr Borja García-García & Dr Jo Welford.

The commercial and political development of football (soccer) in Europe has transformed the relationship between the sport and its fans. At the same time, there is a growing political discourse arguing that football has lost the connection with its supporters, which should be regained by allowing them a greater say in the governance and management of the game - as legitimate stakeholders. However the relationship that supporters have (or might have) with their club and the wider structures of football has only recently become the subject of academic attention, and little is known about how supporters engage with football governance, if indeed they have the desire to. The following questions are at the core of the research presented at the conference:

What does club ownership at football clubs look like across Europe? Specially, which different forms of ‘supporter ownership’ can be found? What are the challenges? Can supporter ownership work alongside other forms?

What do supporters do in relation to football governance? How and why do they get together, both in the physical and virtual spheres? Can fans go beyond traditional club rivalries and work together?

What challenges are faced in the future for the supporter ownership movement, and for football governance in general? What is the current relevance of the European Model of Sport and the European Union’s involvement in sport?

The conference will include an audio-visual exhibition featuring the pictures sent by supporters participating in the project.

Working Papers

Please note that all papers are work-in-progress & may not be quoted without the explicit written permission of the author(s).

Football fan relationships with their national associations: A trans-European perspective — Guillaume Bodet ; James A. Kenyon ; Alain Ferrand

Benfica TV: taking control of the communication process — Fernando Borges

“I just love watching football": The experiences of a transgender Norwich City FC fan — Jayne Caudwell

Football supporters’ involvement in the ownership and governance of football clubs in Italy’s lower leagues: the case of Sambenedettese — Osvaldo Croci

The Italian ultras: From local divisions to national co-operation — Mark Doidge

Supporter Ownership Models in Turkish Football – Emir Güney

The Future of Fan Ownership in Scotland – Andrew Jenkin

From the bottom to the Premiership: The significance of supporters’ movement in the governance of football clubs in Poland — Radoslaw Kossakowski

Why the Y-word? A media stylistics analysis of how the press reported Anelka’s ‘quenelle’ gesture and chanting on the Tottenham Terraces — Ruth Morris

Between civic engagement and politics: A case study of Bohemians Prague 1905 Supporters’ Trust — Dino Numerato

C.A.Osasuna: Identity, Ownership and Governance in Spanish Club Football — Jim O’Brien

Football Club Ownership Model in the Republic of Croatia — a Possible Model for Supporters' Inclusion in Football Governance in South-East Europe? —Siniša Petrovi? ; Marko Ivkoši? ; Petar Ceronja

Beyond the pattern : corruption, hooligans, and football governance in Croatia — Loïc Tregoures

No Longer the People’s Game: Karl Polanyi and the Double Movement ‘Against Modern Football’ — David Webber

‘Good’ governed? Stakeholder representation in German professional football clubs — Daniel Ziesche & Michael Groll

Practical information

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Programme of the conference

Please find below the conference programme in PDF format.

Programme of the conference ‘Whose Game is It? Supporters and Football Governance’

Call for Papers

The deadline for this Call for Papers was 31 May 2014. Registration will open in July 2014.

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