Memory 2013 (Universität Stuttgart, Germany) 

The Chair of Modern History at the Universität Stuttgart hosted the FREE research conference on ‘European Football and Collective Memory: Transnational Media Events’ on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 February 2013. The conference organiser was Professor Wolfram Pyta.

The role and contribution of popular culture, and especially of football has for a long time been neglected by research on collective memory. It is only beginning to raise scholarly interest, but remains for the time being very much limited to national case studies. This conference tried to overcome the national perspective and focuses on the extent to which football may have contributed to building a European collective memory.

Building on the main campus at Universität Stuttgart

Besides this central issue the conference also focused on some related questions: How can specific transnational events and their constitution as national or continental ‘lieux de mémoire’ (realms of memeory) best be described? From a cultural historical perspective, what meanings do media producers, journalists and recipients attribute to European football competitions? Which peculiar role did football play in transcending the pattern of East/West opposition during and after the Cold War?

Working Papers

Please note that all papers are work-in-progress & may not be quoted without the explicit written permission of the author(s).

‘How are Football Games Remembered? Idioms of Memory in Modern Football’ (Tobias Werron, Bielefeld) [Presentation] [Working paper]

 ‘Europeanisation from below? Football spectatorship, mediatisation & European identity’ (Arne Niemann & Alexander Brand, Mainz) [Presentation] [Working paper]

  ‘UEFA Football Competitions as European Sites of Memory’ (Michael Groll, Köln)

 ‘Negotiating the Cold War? Early European competitions & European Nations Cups between confrontation & rapprochement’ (Jürgen Mittag, Sporthochschule Köln) [Presentation] [Working paper]

 ‘Football & the European Collective Memory in Britain: the case of the 1960 European Cup final’ (Geoff Hare, Newcastle) [Working paper]

 ‘The Contribution of Real Madrid’s 5 European Cups to the emergence of a European football space’ (Borja García, Loughborough; Ramón LLopis Goig, Valencia; Agustín Martín Diario AS) [Presentation] [Working paper]

 ‘«Thursday night, Channel 5» – The meanings attributed to the UEFA Europa League by football fans & the media in England’ (Anthony May, Kingston) [Presentation] [Working paper]

 ‘Football sites of memory in the Eastern Block (1945-1991)’ (Severyn Dmowski, Warsaw) [Presentation] [Working paper]

 ‘Prague and Czechoslovak football in the Cold War Period’ (Stefan Zwicker, Bonn) [Working paper]

 ‘The French discussions on the famous Wembley goal’ (Jean-Christophe Meyer, Strasbourg) [Presentation] [Working paper]

 ‘George Best: British or European Symbol?’ (Dàvid Ranc, ESSCA) [Presentation] [Working paper]

 ‘Le Ballon d'Or – a Cold War bridge between East & West’ (Albrecht Sonntag, ESSCA) [Presentation] [Working paper]

 ‘A Culture of Memory: Media, Rituals, and the Practice of Remembrance, Commemoration,
& Oblivion in the World of Football’ (Markwart Herzog, Schwaben Akademie) [Book presentation]

Conference programme

Please find below the conference programme in PDF format. 

  Programme of the FREE conference in Stuttgart on European Football & Collective Memory

Call for papers

Please find below the Call for Papers in PDF format.

 Call for Papers, FREE conference on European football and collective memory (Universität Stuttgart, 22-23 February 2013)