‘Wir sind dann mal so frei’, by Albrecht Sonntag in Der tödliche Pass 

Der tödliche Pass 

In the latest issue of the high-quality German football quarterly Der tödliche Pass Albrecht Sonntag contributed a piece whose title 'Wir sind dann mal so frei' plays with the FREE acronym and may be translated, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as 'We therefore take the liberty to feel free to...". The article retraces the long road football as object of academic study had to travel before being recognised by the social sciences. It further develops the different paradigm shifts European football has undergone over the past twenty years and which underpin the research rationale of the FREE project.

Der tödliche Pass defines itself as 'Magazin zur näheren Betrachtung des Fussballspiels', and for seventeen years already has remained faithful to this motto, delivering on this promise of giving a 'closer look on football'. Since its inception by three Munich-based intellectuals, it has followed the mutations of European football providing both a lucid analysis of the changing face of football discourse and a refreshing critical and ironic distance to its own object of passion. Four times a year Der tödliche Pass delivers food for thought on 80 dense, ad-free pages in original layout. It counts some dozens of regular contributors based in different countries and is available by subscription only. 


 Please click here to downlad the article (in German) from issue 66 of Der tödliche Pass.