The FREE exhibition at the National Football Museum 

The FREE "Whose Game is it?" exhibition is on show at the National Football Museum in Manchester. 

The Loughborough "Whose Game is it?" exhibition on the results of our Work Package 8 led by Borja García-García is now on show at the National Football Museum in Manchester. it will run until 1 March 2015. Here is what the Museum has to say about it:

Whose game is it? Football through the fans’ eyes

This new exhibition takes a closer look at the emotions, experiences, memories and views of football supporters around Europe. It tells a story of how important the game is for many of us in our daily life.

Featuring images, quotes and video footage by supporters from five European countries - the UK, Turkey, Austria, Poland and Spain, this is an exhibition from the fans, to the fans.

Celebrating the passion of the supporters for the game, it shows how important football is for the social and even physical well-being of the fans featured. Visitors are invited to reflect on the reasons behind their love for football - relating to pictures and videos and their own memories and experiences of the game.

The problems that supporters face in relation to the increasing commercial nature of football is also explored. However the fans' experiences convey one simple, yet very important message: Football has the power to make us happy, and we should cherish it!

The exhibition is part of a large European project, FREE (Football Research in an Enlarged Europe, is a collective endeavour of nine European universities, led in the UK by Loughborough University.

The National Football Museum has teamed up with Loughborough University and the rest of the FREE Project to put together 'Whose game is it?'

The FREE Project has received funding from the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) of the European Commission

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